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Blue Moon Yurt

Blue Moon Yurt is my second home in Tenants Harbor on the St. George Peninsula in mid-coast Maine. It is located in a peaceful spot near the ocean, nestled next to a large exposed ledge and surrounded by pointed firs. It is only a few minutes walk to Roaring Spout, a natural formation that produces high sprays of water when the wind and tides are right. The view from Roaring Spout is spectacular. Other scenic spots on the peninsula are just a short drive away.

I hold retreats and one-day workshops at Blue Moon Yurt, mostly in the summer. Its open-floor plan is ideally suited to accommodate small groups. Lodging is at the yurt or a nearby B&B.

BlueMonn yurt


BlueMoon Yurt

The yurt’s circular design is adapted from the indigenous, portable, round dwelling used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. My yurt was designed by Oregon Yurtworks, now called Mindful Living. It was shipped across country in prefabricated sections. With the assistance of an Oregon Yurtworks master carpenter, three local carpenters, and many family members and friends, we completed the construction of the outer shell in nine days. The finishing of the interior has happened at a more leisurely pace.

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