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Mary Oliver


Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?"

~Mary Oliver

The idea for a “Reinventing Your Life” class grew out of my realization that my life is not a given. More than once, I have arrived at a threshold where I needed to step back and reflect about where I was going. I learned to set aside time and space to be alone—to meditate, reflect, play, be in nature--and to nurture a sense of awareness beyond everyday muddling along. I discovered the importance of staying with “not knowing” rather than rushing to the security of answers.

The basic premise of the “Reinventing Your Life” class is that we spend our whole lives engaged in a creative/spiritual process of coming into alignment with our souls. We are always being given the opportunity to reinvent our lives. My belief is that we have all the inner resources we need to accomplish this; it is just a matter of tapping into them. We are all beautiful, capable and gifted people. Even what we regard as our more problematic aspects are sources of insight.

The class is intended to be a safe place where we can collectively and individually cultivate ways of being more fully with ourselves. The goal is not to “figure it all out,” but to learn how to access your intuition and inner wisdom. The core of the class is experiential—actually experiencing what something feels like. It is an investigation, not a performance. It is a time when things are allowed to unfold, to ripen, to emerge. There is no “right” answer, just trying things on for size in the moment, and reevaluating as you go along.

Over the course of the class, I present a variety of creative and spiritual practices and resources, some of which will be familiar, but perhaps approached in a fresh way. We play with them in class, and I also suggest ways of working with them during the week. As we get to know each other and a group identity forms, other ideas will surface. The purpose of all this is to discover the conditions that foster receptivity, so that parts of you that want a place at the table at this stage in your life can be heard. It is about being alert to what comes to you when you are open, and then trusting and cultivating those impulses.

Reinventing your life is soul work. We start each class with silence and lighting a candle, to honor this sacred work/play, and to honor the gift of spending sacred time together. We are witnesses for each other, holding the space, listening rather than fixing. It is very gentle process; the essence of it is nonjudgmental allowing.







Women sorting stones

Sand table

Feedback from participants:

I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I can’t explain what happened, but I am in a different place now. I feel so much better about my life.

I LOVED the class—it was so nourishing. I was looking to be fed by my own experience, and I knew I needed more play, more of the things I take pleasure in. It was a chance to remember what’s essential./em>

I felt very connected to the other women in the class, and somehow the play has filtered into my life in a wonderful way.

It felt open and honest. I felt I could say anything, as it would be held respectfully and gently. This class encouraged me to hold all the questions about my “future” more gently; less clenched; less anxiously.

I realized that I don’t have to tackle everything all at once—it’s ok to just take on a small piece of my life and see where that takes me.

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