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SoulCollage®, created by Seena Frost, is an intuitive art form that invites your soul to speak through visual imagery. By choosing images that you are drawn to and combining them into small collages, you create a deck of cards can be used for healing, guidance and insight. The process is deeply satisfying yet playful. Anyone can do it—no artistic skills or experience necessary.

SoulCollage workshops

As a trained SoulCollage facilitator®, I offer workshops, classes and retreats. Some workshops are introductory; others focus on different aspects of the SoulCollage process. Check Upcoming Events for my schedule. I am also available for one-on-one SoulCollage consultations. Or, if you are part of a women’s group, church group, or are planning a special celebration with friends, I would be delighted to come do SoulCollage with you. You choose the theme and date; fee is based on length of session and size of group. For both individual sessions and private groups, contact me directly.

My SoulCollage journey

I was introduced to SoulCollage in 2007 by a woman I met at Greenfire Retreat Center. I was struck by how her cards were like windows into her spirit. In the presence of her cards, we shifted to a deeper sharing than might normally occur between people meeting for the first time. She showed me a way to consult the cards for guidance and I felt a natural affinity for the process of putting the energy of a card into words. For many years, I had been going into elementary schools and inviting children to write poems to my photographs of nature.

I came home knowing that I wanted to learn how to make my own SoulCollage cards. By luck, Seena Frost was offering a five-day workshop at Kripalu that summer. Spending five days with Seena was a delightful experience. I learned a tremendous amount about SoulCollage, and was in love with the cards I made! As an artist, I especially appreciated how this personal art form illuminates my spiritual path. I came away from the workshop knowing I wanted to stay connected with the larger SoulCollage community. That fall, I took the plunge and participated in the facilitator training with Seena and others in Baltimore. I’ve been offering workshops and retreats ever since. I love that the SoulCollage process is about embracing ALL of ourselves. It helps us access our own healing wisdom, present in even our most broken parts. I enjoy teaching workshops—especially witnessing the amazing and wonderful cards people make and hearing the insights that emerge.

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Soul Collage

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